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life updates

Firstly, I will get the 'life updates' out of the way first then you can look at pretty pictures of what I have bought in the last month since I updated.

Since I last updated, I have found myself an internship at a fashion PR company in which I intern at on my days off, who knew that NZ had internships? Thought that was an American thing... but yes, so far (I think it's been about a week or two since I first started) I have been enjoying it and have picked up a few good pieces of information :)

Other than that... I don't think anything else has changed. Been spending a little bit too much money but it's okay... kinda. Oh, got myself into a little car accident last week. Atm, I have a cute little Toyota Corolla to drive around in! Also, got paid this week which means pretty much all of my pay is going towards paying the excess! D: but its worth it cos if I had to pay for the repairs, it'd cost more than 2 grand!
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leaving on a jet plane....

First NZ travel of the year! :D … one of my goals this year was to travel more! 2/4! YAY! I’m so excited!! TWO WEEKS! I’ll be seeing snow! >_< That was sooo cheap! AND as well as crossing THAT goal, will also be crossing another goal too! – Travel to the South Island!

The countdown begingssss! <3

things that have happened...

... Since my last update. Things that are new that I can't or didn't take a photo of:

  • I started interning at a fashion PR company. I love it. People are nice. Good experience. Just all-around good experience :)

I think that's about it. The other things, like my little shopping spree are detailed in photo form!

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Easter weekend (5 April – 8 April), I went up to Ahipara with about 13 friends. It was amazing. It was also, I think by the end of the weekend, I really realized something. That aside, I had a wonderful time with friends, got a little fit and most of all, spent an entire weekend with my awesome friends and even had a lovely deep and meaningful with one of my guy mates.

Oh, this trip also crosses off something on my Day Zero Project list! The goal was to travel to the tip of the North Island… which I obviously did.

This is what all weekends should be like. A few of the photos/highlights. More on Facebook if you are my friend. If not and you think we’re close or if not, feel free to ask to be added :) Enjoy!
(Photos are from end ~ beginning, heh...)
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art gallery visit and such

On Sunday, three friends and I went to the Auckland Art Gallery. It was a lovely afternoon spent looking at great pieces of art that were very different and amazing. My favourite was the one below and in particular the contemporary art section!
04.22.2012 [art gallery 2]
I am so amazed at the vast amounts of different variety of art works! That you are able to call it art (I mean it in a good way). It amazes me so very much! Below is the mirror room in which the WHOLE room is just filled with mirrors. Quite amazing (and smelly - I held my breath the entire time I was in there).And, on a sidenote, I helped out at a PR company yesterday from 10 am - about 3 pm and I quite enjoyed it. I think I now know what I need to do in order to achieve what I want. :)

Below the cut is a few more pics from the day.

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savings, chicken pox and missing out on things

I have chicken pox. Just a little reminder for future reference. Caught it two weeks ago from someone and unfortunately don't know who to put the blame on. On the flipside, if my siblings (who will most probably for sure) and one of my friends, Willo get it in two weeks time, they know who to blame.

The upside, a break from work and the downside, missing out on one of my good friend's birthday celebration on Saturday! I was really hoping that it was just some itchy bites that will pass in a couple of days that will allow me to go, but alas no. Oh well. This will give me time to not go out, rest, rejuvenate and save (more) money...

And, lastly I officially money in my savings account! Finally, after about 2-3 years of not having a savings, I now have one again. I'm pretty proud of myself for not spending all of my money. Hopefully I will also update this regularly!

In other news, have been watching a few movies over the last few days. Watched The Vow, Like Crazy... okay not that many. I really liked The Vow. It's similar to 50 First Dates, tbh and (SPOILER!) has a similar ending too... Like Crazy, it was an alright movie, a little annoying at times like wondering why the boy didnt just move to the UK and other small things but it was a sweet story of long-distance love. I'm thinking the next few days is going to be lots of movie and TV Show watching...
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when you say nothing at all

So, I thought that I would post this as soon as I watched it. Which is now.

Along with quite possibly everyone else at this moment, tonight I watched The Hunger Games with a my friend, Leo and his friend. Before this movie, I got told by another friend, KY that it was "average".

My opinion? It was better than I expected. Quite possibly because I didn't have any high expectations or most probably any expectations at all prior to watching it. And, as Leo's friend said: "it was worth it". It definitely was.

And, following up from Aisling's post. I definitely agree after seeing the movie (and yet to read the books, not that I've read or even knew that Battle Royale had any!) that HG is much more layered and has 'more' to it than Battle Royale. You get to know the characters and it is much more than just killing. That there is reasoning behind all of this.

Which, brings me to my next point in that. I don't get it. So. You have a yearly "HG" to remember/stop the war that previously happened more than about 70 decades ago... maybe I need to read the books to fully understand this.

That is my recount of the movie and well, really my thoughts. A basic summary of it. I'm not really a big go-into-the-details-kinda person but I definitely did enjoy it and has also definitely left me with questions and wonder... Oh, and also to restate Aisling's idea. This movie is again definitely much more than the killing, there is love, a little comedy, drama and definitely a little sprinkling of predictability. There are quite hot guys in the film too! That didn't hurt, even if I did go with two guys and couldn't discuss that aspect not that we particularly discussed the movie in depth after watching it.

But, I think that is enough thoughts and possibly rambling for one night. It's "2 am"/3 am anyway.... should be sleeping!
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The Post About My Current Job and Future Career Prospects

I think I'm getting comfortable in my current job. In retail. I've not been there long as I have recently realized from being sick and not having been there long enough to be eligible for sick leave. :(

So, in light of that, I am looking for and applying for jobs. But not just any job. Although, I'm getting comfortable in my job, I know that it's a pretty good job and I did get told that it's good for career advancement...

Of course, while looking through the job ads, you get distracted and tempted by jobs you're not actually looking for. So, you ask "should I or shouldn't I?"... I am thinking that with my current job and if I chose to get another one (this time in office/administration), it might have the same outcome if it's not in the field that I intend to pursue... Decisions, decisions.

Sometimes, I wish that there were a clear path for me to take with my degree. But, my degree is quite broad. Although it is, Event Management, I did also study some marketing, PR and of course Chinese (Mandarin) but not enough for me to pursue it further unless I took up extra lesssons and made myself fluent..
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beautifully broken, alive in my heart

I promise this will be the last "new" blog ! >_< I know I need to stop this. I want to keep a stable record and I can't do this if I keep changing blog names!

This past weekend has been a full one! It was the Lantern Festival weekend and I went twice! Lol. But, with different people. On Friday, I went for the lanterns with Leo, Velvet and Jonathan; but it was pretty much (obviously) the same as last year with one or two different ones. But nonetheless, I still enjoyed it. The next day, went with Ana Marie and we munched down on SUCH yummy foods! I had some fried noodles, a tofu dessert and four little sweet dumplings. I was quite full and definitely satisfied afterwards!

On the Sunday, after work I was planning on going again to see the fireworks but then after the previous night of massive crowds, decided against and instead hung out with Pam, Leo and Jonathan at Jonathan's and had a spontaneous night of Poker. I need to play more but I did win one round! Lol, one round... overall, I had a nice weekend with different friends. Friday night was definitely different because I've actually hadn't seen those two guys in such a long time so it was a nice catch up. Even went to karaoke after! Nice cap to the night!

How's my lovely blogger friends been? Hopefully everyone had a lovely beginning of month! ^^
Summer Glau

For all we know we might not get tomorrow

EDIT!// I found the phone (Samsung Galaxy S II) that I want that's available at a NZ website/shop. And it's only $1,200! O_O EXCITED! :D Also noticed that the HTC Desire S is kind of similar in that the features and such is close by comparison. Oh, but the battery life is shorter, between 430 - 455 hours... =\ I think I will get the Galaxy. It's similar and also cheaper even though (I think) it was released only a month apart, the Galaxy wins with the long standby and such time! That's all.

The first time I don't update and this is what I update: I got paid $1000 for my 17.5 hours of work last week! Amazing! And so incredibly awesome! I think I will be able to get my phone sooner then I think! =)

I also have a meeting/interview tomorrow at a travel agent. And also this Friday going down to Hamilton for work and will be getting accommodation money. Excellent. So, yeah. Lately, for the past week I have just been busy working half days, drinking a little too much and being a tad happy at a family friend's 21st last Saturday with its_elaine and some of my friends who the birthday girl did not know but its okay, think we helped with the minimum spend. Had a good time with Elaine. Hadn't seen her a in a while so was good to catch up or hang out with her.

I also need to start doing the post round-up things even though haven't really been updating much. But I want it to change. Hopefully posting more and when things happen like when I have an amazing prawn dinner! And when I see good movies such as the one I saw yesterday, that will go here. 
Watched Source Code last night with friends and it was a little annoying at times but overall I thought it was good. Although I thought that the main guy was Chris Hemsworth or no, that guy from Unstoppable, Chris Pine... not sure why but yeah. Not much to say without spoiling it but Iiked the storyline and how it turned out.
That's all. Hopefully will update this more often!

My current favourite song: Give Me Everything by Pitbull featuring Neyo, Nayer and AfroJack. <3